Imagine me being able to look up every member of my fanbase on my iPhone and actually know who they are on a personal level. This is the dream I've always had. To be able to actually recognize you at the meet & greet. To be able to actually know how you were feeling yesterday because I caught your latest posts on Instagram and Twitter. To have the ability to interact directly with my LXGENDS, no middle-man necessary. Thanks to the help of Ryan Leslie and his team over at Disruptive Multimedia, my dream is now a reality.

Most people are only worried about sales figures and sales volume. I am worried about you - the people whose money make my dream possible. I want to be able to say thank you, not just to a huge group of anonymous fans, but to specific ones that actually care about my career and the art that I'm sharing with the world. This is Lxgends.com. The long-overdue shift in my career starts here and now. This is our empire. This is our lxgend.


The Spring Collection | Spring 2014

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